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November 10, 2011
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Kyle brought the car to a stop and parked. He was here, at the new Terra Greens shopping mall. Kyle’s friends sent him a text to come meet them at the mall so they can all get together and go pick up the new Modern Warfare 3 game that was coming out. He was excited no doubt. It was typical for a guy his age. He was your average 25 year old guy, liked to go out with his buddies, loved his car and of course, loved video games.

He wasn’t a nerd though, a fairly handsome looking fellow, tall, brown hair, brown eyes that had a deep look, which is what his girlfriend fell over him for. But other than that, he lived a pretty normal life. Heck there was nothing really exciting going on except for this new video game that he absolutely had to have.
Kyle checked his cell phone. “Man, where the heck are they? Steve and John just decided to stop replying to my texts?” he said a little annoyed.

Walking into the mall he mumbled to himself “Well they said they would be here an hour ago, guess I’ll just meet them at the store” With that, his jaw dropped at what he saw. Women! Beautiful women everywhere! He couldn’t believe his eyes. It’s as if he had died and gone to shopping mall heaven. After a short 10 minutes of walking around Kyle was simply put....lost, in the aura of beautiful women everywhere and of course never having been at the Terra Greens mall, even more lost.

Kyle decided to ask for directions to the video game store (the mall was Huge!), and of course thinking with his male ego he walked into Victoria Secret to ask. Feeling a little cocky, he chuckled to himself “Getting directions and maybe seeing a hot chick in some sexy undies...not bad.”

“Hi, my name is Vanessa, how can I help you?” said the voluptuous woman with a smile.

“uughhh...” Was all Kyle could manage as he was in awe over Vanessa’s curvaceous body.

“Uughh Hi, I’m Kyle, do you know where the video game store is? I’m supposed to meet some friends there.”

“Ya! Go four stores down, hang a left, and you’ll see it just around the corner” Vanessa said in a delightful voice.
“Thanks” replied Kyle. Just was he started to make his way out, he was overcome with the sudden urge to use the washroom. “umm one more thing. Do you have a bathroom here?” he asked.

“Yes we do. It’s at the back just past the dressing rooms” replied Vanessa with her beautiful smile.
Kyle made his way to the back of the store where he saw the line of dressing rooms and a sign saying bathrooms at the end of the hall. “There it is” he said to himself as he began to walk down the hall. That’s when Kyle tripped over something that was just left lying there on the floor of the hallway. As he fell, he twisted his ankle and fell sideways into one of the dressing rooms that were open.

“Ah shit! What the hell?” Kyle said angrily. He looked over to see that he tripped over a pair of high heel shoes. “Stupid shoes, who leaves them…” He was cut off as the door to the dressing room slammed shut. “Ok…..that was weird.” Kyle got up and tried to open the door to only find that it was locked, and he was stuck in there. He banged on the door, but no one heard him.

He looked around the small dressing room to only see himself in a full length mirror hanging there on one side of the wall, and a sexy pink and black corset with black panties hanging on a clothes hanger. “Wow, the girl that must have tried that thing on was probably smoking hot!” He said to himself. And he was probably right. It truly was a sexy pink corset with black ruffled lace material along the top of the cleavage line with a black bow in the center. At that moment Kyle felt compelled to touch it, the soft material of a fine corset.

As he reached out to the corset, the bow suddenly came to life, undoing itself into several feet of long black material tentacles that wrapped around Kyle’s arms and legs pinned him against the wall of the dressing room.

He was in utter shock, Kyle couldn’t believe was he was seeing in front of his eyes. He tried to fight and break free from the bow’s hold but he was powerless, it was just too strong for him. That’s when the corset got off the hanger and stood in front of Kyle fully inflated as if the woman it was meant for was wearing it. Too scared to even say anything, all Kyle could do was just watch what would happen next. At that moment the bow tentacles ripped off all of his clothes while the panties were simultaneously making its way up Kyle’s legs. The panties settled into place around his crotch.

“AAaaaghh” was all he could manage as the panties placed a firm squeeze on his manhood. And with that instant the bow tentacles quickly let go of Kyle and returned to a bow shape back on the corset. That’s when the corset split open and fixed itself onto Kyle. It was tight, unbearably tight on Kyle. “What the hell is happening? These clothes are alive, so...tight...hurts..too much” he said gritting his teeth together. The squeeze of the corset got tighter, he could feel his waist shrink inwards, at least it gave some relief.

“phew, much better” he thought as the pain receded. He looked in the mirror to see he had a much more feminine waist line. He also noticed that all his body hair was gone. Kyle looked down to see that he had a huge erection, and the panties still had a tight hold on him. But as he glanced down, strands of brown hair fell into his vision.
“My hair? Its can’t be, it’s actually getting longer right in front of my eyes!” he said in amazement.
And he was right. The hair was up to his shoulders now, when he felt a large and painful crack in his back. The pain was just too much for Kyle as he fell to his knees. His back arched inwards which was followed by another crack from his hips that began to spread out more taking on a more feminine shape. “What...Whhaattsss...happeennin....” was all he could manage as his butt began to swell filling out the fine lines that now match his hips and back. The changes happened more quickly as they spread to his legs and arms, his skin becoming smoother, his hands becoming dainty, and his finger nails growing, and finishing off with a French manicure.

“This can’t’s not possible..” he feared as one powerful thought popped into his mind. WOMAN. The thought raced through his mind like wildfire. He was turning into a woman. Kyle didn’t want to be a woman, but he did like his long hair that was down to his back now, and the French manicure did look nice. He placed the black high heel shoes on his feet, and fit like a charm. Kyle smiled, and then froze with eyes wide open. What was he thinking???? How could he like this? “NOOO, my mind....its....changing gotta fight it...” he struggled. “hihi, but I do look sexy *giggle*” his voice cracked, getting higher as he said that.

“HELLLLP ME SOMEONE” he yelled in his now girlish voice.
Thats when the final wave hit. His proud erect manhood began to pull into him a very quickly. He tried to catch it with his hand but only met with a warm slit. Kyle touched and let out a moan. It felt good, but he didn’t want it too. He was a man, he didn’t want to be a woman. His chest began to fill with immense pressure. It was unbearable. He couldn’t take it. Kyle looked up at the ceiling light tilting his head back, his mind racing, filling with those of a woman, his life being over written as if he was always a woman. It was too much for him he grabbed his hair and pulled on it with frustration.

The pressure in his chest couldn’t hold back anymore as his breast finally emerged filling out the corset. As Kyle continued to look up he felt the final changed to his face happen. Kayla was here now. Kyle was no more. She was always Kayla. She looked herself over in the mirror and giggled to herself. “I like this corset, I think I’ll take it”

The End
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